Empire Consulting is a full-service consulting firm that works with individuals & small business owners worldwide, focusing on providing high business consulting across numerous industries. We primarily focus on B2B strategies and services. We pride ourselves on the fact that the benefits of working with us greatly out-weight the costs. We strive to be effective & efficient across all solutions provided.

One of the things that makes choosing the right entity type at launch so important is that an expanding business may find itself limited by a business structure that no longer fits its needs or direction. If your company is ready to enter its next stage of growth, we can help you restructure your business into something that encourages your business to excel.



Demonstrable success by leveraging our proprietary frameworks and technology. We systematically fuel growth through our proven Analytics & Key Performance Indicators.


Unlike typical consulting firms, we stay actively involved with our clients by providing resources and management .to implement our recommendations effectively.


We develop comprehensive plans based on detailed assessments and use 30-day sprints to effectively execute those plans – making us prove ourselves every month.

Positioning your firm as a trusted leader and resource in your industry requires a proven approach. With so much at stake, you need a partner that works with companies like yours every day to continue to refine, adapt, and optimize strategies designed to accelerate growth. We work on both the development and execution of strategies designed to embed growth into the foundation of our clients.

Analytics & Key Performance Indicators

Exploration – With any client, we take time to understand the existing framework before conducting team audits to help us create a road map that the key stakeholders can approve.

Blueprint – No organization is the same, and with this, every blueprint phase is unique to its client. Some require POS analytical software installation and troubleshooting, while others need a method to understand how many people are walking past a specific storefront.

The blueprint is meant to address findings from exploring how to approach the problem, quantify it, and position ourselves so that actionable steps can be made to increase sales, overall sales satisfaction, engagement, or collect data.

Analyze – When the blueprint is laid out, collecting data in a readable format is critical. Identifying KPIs and custom reports – Black Drone delivers unadulterated data in a structured form.

Actionable Insights – Once the analysis is finished, our team of data analytics, statisticians, and social scientists work together rigorously to translate the data and provide real, tangible value.